Библиотека Boost с нуля на примере Boost.DLL

Today we’ll start from the very beginning of library creation, we’ll take a look into Boost recommendations for library authors, useful tools and Boost review process.

So you’re a developer and your goal is to write a new useful high quality library. Where should you start?

First of all, you need to find a problem to be solved by your library. Then a good way for solving the problem must be found. And then goes the implementation:
* Do we care about mobile devices and MacOS/Linux/Windows?
* Do we need C++11 or C++98?
* How to organize testing?
* What tools to use?
* What else must be in your library?
* How to make the library popular and really useful?
* What steps must be done to submit library into Boost?
* How does the library review looks like?
* What goes after the acceptance?